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Public Bureau TWO Preview Video

Well, it's "Tomorrow" and as promised, the preview video for Public Bureau's TWO is here.

The video was edited by the magic hands of Christina Olympiou, and features "Sea of Stars" by Eli & Fur, previously mentioned on MemRants. 

Also, the track is available to download for free. Head over to Public Bureau.


TWO | Tomorrow

Pop by the P/B tomorrow for a treat. More to come!


Dale Arden

Back in 2005 when I was in Chicago and was drooling over imaginary scenarios of me being employed by anyone who would be even the least related to the world of media and/or fashion (funny how things turn out ain't it?) I was looking around to see what most of the mega-brands were doing in terms of communication/branding design so I'd get a bit acquainted with the whole concept. 

It was around then when Dolce & Gabbana had designed the limited edition Citroën C3 D&G and had released an ad for it featuring a song called "Come Baby" sung by a Dale Arden. The track was a very catchy bubblegum pop song which -of course- impressed me, being the pop-junkie I am. Some time later in the same year, D&G launched the ads for their timepieces, featuring a new (even catchier and better) track by the same artist, titled "Gimme More". (ads & songs at the end of the post)

Googling this Dale Arden (named after a Flash Gordon character) lead absolutely nowhere. She was, and is, one of those ghost-singers who release two things under a pseudonym and cease forever (or maybe move to a totally different direction and record under another alias).

Anyhow, I'm guessing she must be italian; a conclusion to which I arrive after taking the following into consideration in a very CSI-ish light: She worked with D&G on more that one occasion, I've noticed a couple of slips in her accent very common amongst italians, and -last but not least- the type of music pulls references from Italo-House.

Of course if anyone knows anything more on Dale Arden hit the comments section.



Madonna Does One Thing Right

I like observing "the Madonna" not a die-hard follower, but I like to see how she twists and makes everything work in her favor. She's a living social experiment, I'd say.

Her latest album got criticized by the press and fans alike for its lack of originality and its failure to live up to the hype preceding it. Though I do agree with the critics and I do see that her latest capricious behavior -both during and around her latest tour- seems like a series of desperate attention-seeking acts, this backdrop video for her MDNA Tour is spot on! Perhaps the best thing bearing her name in the past couple of years. Stripped of glam and by embracing the hot trend of collaging found footage (very all over the place) the video delivers a bundle of strong messages. 

Hey, Madonna, quit acting like a 22-year-old debutant and use that wisdom.  


Around The Corner


Game On, World

Dear Mr. Personal Trainer, please adjust my routine to this. Thank you.

Nike turned the world into a real Super Mario game in their new ad. A great addition to their amazing range of TV ads. Remember Tag?


"Everybody Knows It. It's a fact. Kiss Kiss"

Okay, Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die" might actually, officially be my favorite album of 2012. I don't really care about the rumors and what everyone says that she's just to made up and "fabricated". Come to think of it: nowadays, who isn't anyway? She happens to have a great team behind her curating her impeccably rendered prissy-meets-rowdy image which, honestly, couldn't fascinate me more at this point.

National Anthem is one of my favorite tracks off "BTD" and though it triggered images of a different feel in my head, I am utterly in love with this 7+ minute video. Directed by Anthony Mandler of Les Enfants Terribles. National Anthem is amazingly styled and lazily evolves into a gorgeous masterpiece. I love how certain iconic references are beautifully woven together in a pretty unconventional light and script!

For some reason "Money is the reason we exist, everybody knows it. It's a fact. Kiss kiss." is stuck in my head since the first time I heard this song, maybe because -sadly- it's the truth.


In Anticipation

I swear, this post could be huge, I could be writing for hours about how this time around, the process was different, how many "firsts" were tackled along the process and how everything starts to shape into new magical stuff. But I wouldn't want to bore anyone so I'll stick to the important: New line, new shoot, new space, first video.


Noomi Rapace | Dazed & Confused

Noomi Rapace from Prometheus and the original Dragon Tattoo was photographed by Sølve Sundsbø and styled by Styling Katie Shillingford for the June issue of Dazed & Confused. "Amazing" would be a poor word to describe this shoot.


Crazy In Love

I don't know why, but I found myself looking for Beyoncé's Crazy In Love on YouTube and I realized that the video is easily one of the finest videos of the last two -yes; two- decades. Directed by Jake Nava, also responsible for the amazing Single Ladies, the video is still relevant in terms of aesthetics, styling and may I say, structure? 

In 2003, nine years ago when Crazy In Love came out, I had barely completed the first year of my studies and was yearning to create my own path in the visual communication realm. So this video, especially the sequence on the rooftop and that in front of the huge vent, made me dream of the day I'd be able to pull something as remotely as appealing as this off. 

I'm sure that if this song with this video came out tomorrow, it would be a chart topper.