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July is around the corner, and we are once again planning, plotting and scheming for what's to come.


Najwa - Donde Rugen Los Volcanes

I don't remember which was the first film I saw Najwa (Nimri) play in, but I most certainly remember the first song I heard of her: It was "Capable" back in 2007 and it still brings back all sorts of memories from that summer when I was still trying to figure out the core of what I wanted to do/be. (Hint: it wasn't advertising)

Now, Najwa, after having explored a more rock sound, (re)turns to the electro ground which suits her the best, in my humble opinion, with her latest album "Donde Rugen Los Volcanes" (Where Volcanos Roar). The title song is a gorgeous track with an intense lurking darkness and with an even darker video which feels very much like a densely emotional photo-essay. 

Directed by Virgili Jubero


Cunningly Taylor!

Irrelevantly enough, I had to post this! It seems that -for once- Ms. Lohan took something seriously. Quite a few images of her portraying Elizabeth Taylor circulated around the web, but this one is gorgeous!

Let's hope this will be a comeback.


Crossed Bridges, More to Cross.

So it’s been a hectic period since I last updated my blog. So many things happened since then; internal and external conflicts, confusion, struggles with deadlines, endless yet fruitful brainstorming -by myself for the most part- then I turned 30 and got the keys to my new place/studio (I need to go and connect the electric bill there) and then I remembered that memrants turned three and that I hadn't even noticed or shared anything on the matter. 

In the next few days I hope to share some of the accumulated stuff that triggered ideas, offered inspiration and made things a bit easier these past few weeks. 
Happy new beginnings! 

Dolce & Gabbana "Italiana"  

In the not so distant past, certain choices made by the italian brand have been frowned upon by the majority of the fashion industry "savants". 

However, one thing that can never be frowned upon or dismissed, is Domenico Dolce's and Stefano Gabbana's persistence in referring to the italian traditions and to iconically italian concepts. 

For the promo of their "Matt Silk" eyewear line they drew inspiration from the past of the italian cinema -comedy, to be more specific- and created a 90-second short film reminiscent of a glorious, trendsetting era in the history of italian cinema.  

"Italiana" was directed by Luca Finotti and features model Bianca Balti and actress Anna Orso. Convertible, scarves, the italian coast: Can't get any better. 

I say: Bravi!


Alpines - Empire

Alpines just released the video to their upcoming single "Empires" (Available June 11th).

I just had to post this; firstly because the song is great, but mainly because the video, directed by Luke Losey, is absolutely brilliant! The stylist, kudos whoever they are, worked pure magic here and the set design makes everything work so amazingly together.

Alpines are moving -full throttle- into the future!


Supplement To The Italian Dictionary

During my recent trip to Italy I visited the legendary Corso Como 10 bookstore and among the many art and fashion books (which I would most certainly not be able to pack and bring back with me) I saw this cute little book. On the cover is perhaps one of the most recognizably italian hand gestures.

I found it very interesting that this is the reinstallment of a 1963 edition. I love the fact that the photos are mainly the same as the first concepts from the 50s and 60s.

Below are two of my favorites. "Magro Cosi" (As thin as this) and "Che Peso!" (How boring!). 

Coincidently, when I came back I found a video (at the end of the post) made by the people at SkyScanner which explains all the rude italian hand gestures.


Robin Skouteris - The Judas MeGaGamix

I've been wanting to post about Robin Skouteris for quite some time now, but I was kind of waiting for the right moment to do it. Well, there's no time like the present.

I've been following Skouteris' work for quite some time now; though I'm not sure which was the first mashup of his that initially drew my attention.

I chose to post the above mix, which was released in anticipation to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album about a year ago, not necessarily because it's Lady Gaga but for reason's I will state further on.

Skouteris' work is perhaps one of the most adequate, representative (and best) samples of today's pop-culture. We live in an era when the "mashup" phenomenon dominates -pretty much- most forms of art. It is, however, a game of survival of the fittest: many will attempt to do it, very few manage to do it well. Well, Robin Skouteris seems to be one of the masters in this; his mashups are woven seamlessly, flawlessly and done with great respect to the original source, and most of the times accompanied by carefully put-together videos.

Back to Gaga. Apart from the fact that I do like her, I found this video (also awesomely edited by Skouteris) to be an ode to inspiration via the magic world of the interwebs, or as I call it: my playground. It couldn't be more fitting to the case of Gaga. I personally loved the feel of the video and all the fan-snippets were absolutely priceless, not to mention touching, especially after the 4:25 mark, it's a goose-bump thrill!! Kudos!

Now, why isn't this guy signed to a huge record label already?


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Screenshot from PonPonPon

There's so much I want to write on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The dormant maximal aspect of me just wants to have a splurge! 

19 year -old Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (a.k.a. Kiriko Takemura) started as a model and blogger and moved into creating her own line of fake eyelashes while at the same time invading the japanese pop music scene. Consider yourselves warned, this goes beyond bubblegum pop!

Apart from the fact that I am, plainly-put: stunned by the j-pop phenomenon, I was mesmerized by the polyphony of all the elements in Pamyu's videos! 

Click to read more ...


Eli And Fur

London-based house duo Eli and Fur release their first recording: Sea of Stars this week. Sea of Stars remotely reminds me a bit of Mikro (dudes! that website needs some serious updating) while I really like the late 90's house influence in their sound. I wonder how their full album will be. Track below.