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My name is Artémis Psathas* (though themem seems to be working very well for me around the internets).

I was born and raised in Cyprus (the island in the Mediterranean Sea), not to be confused with Cypress, California.

I am a graphic designer who refuses to be confined by creative limitations, rules and preconceptions (though that doesn't always work out smoothly). As an individual and as a designer, I like to perceive and conduct things in an interdisciplinary manner. I also have serious sleeping issues but this is, clearly, another story (which is remotely related to this blog because most of my posts occur when I am up depriving myself of sleep). 

My studies started in Cyprus, then fate dragged me to Milan -the one in Italy- and I eventually completed my studies in Chicago. 

In Cyprus, I have worked as a graphic designer at a small advertising agency and as the Art Director / Illustrator of a number of business, communication and technology publications. 

I am the Creative Director, owner and Co-founder of INPEOPLEWETRUST Creative Studio, currently based in Cyprus and Brussels, Belgium, and I have recently launched my clothing line under the name Public Bureau which is 100% handcrafted and available exclusively via the PB website

The blog: 
What blogging is to me: The mere documentation of what inspires/excites me, minor updates on what I do, and posts infused with some mild vitriol on occasion and where needed.

*My name is pronounced Art-ae-mis, and I do kinda dislike it when people reply to my emails thinking that they're writing to a girl.