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My New Chinese Friends

My friends came from Beijing today and they brought me some new friends...

I fell instantly in love with them, I had visions of me drawing beautiful letterforms colored in chinese ink, scanning and digitizing them, to create my own script font... But then, I thought it’d be a shame to ruin these gorgeous ink tablets and the perfectly fixed brush tips...

Ah, the dilemmas of life...


And I Don't Even Like Cake

I am so not a book person. However, if something promises to make me laugh, and bears the critics that this one does, I might get convinced to buy it. Who knows? I might actually read it and even try to finish it in less than the two year timeframe I usually follow...

I have to say, the first two chapters (that’s how much of it I read in the four months I own this book) are deliciously funny... Sloane Crosley could be considered as the Ellen Degeneres of a parallel dimension. (That of New York perhaps?)

Also, I have to shamelessly admit that the “Typo-Graphical eye candy-ness“ of the cover contributed to the purchase of this book...


The One (and only) Video

A bit old for a “new”, however I just cannot not include this little masterpiece on my blog. (video below)

How do you turn a not-so-great song into something really awesome?
Well, first you ask the Freemasons to remix it, and then a really super director to deliver it visually. Et voila! Kylie’s The One video directed by Ben IbIt surely made me feel proud to be a graphic designer...

Also, Kylie or better, her creative director, worked with some really cool people for her KylieX2008 Tour, to create the background videos for her songs. My personal fave: Speakerphone (Images below)


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