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Sub Focus - Tidal Wave ft. Alpines

Alpines have become some sort of a staple in most of my playlists lately, they seem to be rolling out (great) singles and videos like they're I don't even know what. 

This time they collaborated with Sub Focus on a really really great track and a very fitting video (below)! 

Now, if this was released a bit earlied than November 4th, I'd be able to include it in my first set/attempt as a music "server" next week at Library.


Alpines - Empire

Alpines just released the video to their upcoming single "Empires" (Available June 11th).

I just had to post this; firstly because the song is great, but mainly because the video, directed by Luke Losey, is absolutely brilliant! The stylist, kudos whoever they are, worked pure magic here and the set design makes everything work so amazingly together.

Alpines are moving -full throttle- into the future!




Alpines is a UK-based duo which has come to my attention only a couple of weeks ago (shame on me), when I found their collaboration with Dark Sky called Tremors. (Track at the end of this post)

I am currently obsessing over Coccoon (video -directed by hope- below) and their Akira Kiteshi Remix of Drive which heads to a much darker direction from the original version, in my humble opinion.