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I Think...

I bumped on this around the webs, I don't know where this is from, who made this and if it's from a project of some sort, but I absolutely agree: We should just enjoy life. (Any info would be amazing.)

I had mentioned Kyary Pamyu Pamyu a few weeks back and though I'm not entirely in love with all of the songs on her latest album I am totally enchanted by her.

Post Update:
I managed to find the full quote but I'm sure there's a video out there

"I think we should just enjoy life. I think we should wear whatever we think looks nice, and wear it with confidence. That will put you in a better mood, and I think that will lead to a abundant society."


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Screenshot from PonPonPon

There's so much I want to write on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The dormant maximal aspect of me just wants to have a splurge! 

19 year -old Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (a.k.a. Kiriko Takemura) started as a model and blogger and moved into creating her own line of fake eyelashes while at the same time invading the japanese pop music scene. Consider yourselves warned, this goes beyond bubblegum pop!

Apart from the fact that I am, plainly-put: stunned by the j-pop phenomenon, I was mesmerized by the polyphony of all the elements in Pamyu's videos! 

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