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annakoumoushi Fall-Winter 2012-13 teaser

It's that time of the year again: The annakoumoushi time. Miss Pantopoli is the ak-face once again, but this time we went for an on location shoot at Library and a different feel. The new shoot/campaign mirrors the multifacetedness of the new annakoumoushi collection and Anna's infatuation with introducing new shapes and forms via her pieces.


annakoumoushi spring/summer 2012

Though we posted this project around the interwebs a while back, I am officially re-announcing it here too. 

For this project we went on a more… colorful direction and Ioanna, the new happy face of annakoumoushi, was a great model. 

You can catch the project in it's entirety at the IPWT website

In annakoumoushi we trust.


annakoumoushi S/S 2012 Teaser

Last weekend the AK and AP creative spirits united once again for a new shoot. 

The new annakoumoushi collection goes into exploring the path the previous one started. The SS 2012 line does that by introducing new shapes and volumes to what one would expect to be uneventfully small: accessories. The new rings, necklaces, earrings, broaches and headpieces are re-introduced in beautiful, organic-like constructed volumes and are delivered through amazing textures and color schemes. 

Back to the shoot; the material was great to work with and the new face of annakoumoushi, yet to be revealed, was refreshingly great to work with. So, once again, I was challenged to take the new campaign to a different direction. Still working on it, let's see where it will go. 

The above is one of the mini-teasers, head over to the annakoumoushi website to check out the other one.


Give A Little Heart

annakoumoushi strikes bulseye right at the center of our hearts with this awesome Valentine's Day promo. Created by the awesome Myria K! I love the "infographic" approach!

Not a V-Day kind of type myself, but this feels all warm and right.


annakoumoushi Fall/Winter 2011-2012

This past summer I started working with Anna Koumoushi again, for her Fall/Winter campaign & her brand website. After a great couple of months and an endless series of emails always starting with something in the context of "I was thinking..." or "What if we did this.." and some of the most constructive meetings I've ever had, we came to completing the campaign and launching the annakoumoushi website.

Anna's work derives from raw emotions and simple ideas, resulting in a solid, unadulterated, uncompromised and genuine result. I guess, that's why I clicked with Anna and am able to work so well with her, we share that common conceptual and visual path, I mentioned a while back. The full project lives here.

Check out the annakoumoushi website, and while you're at it, take a peek at her blog too.


annakoumoushi 2011 Teaser

A few weeks back we did a great shoot in a vineyard outside Limassol and it was a great experience, despite the sunburn. Actually, working on annakoumoushi's new mini campaign, or any other annakoumoushi project, is pleasantly overwhelming because we seem to share a visual path as well as the reasons which justify our being on that path. The visual reference to -and reminiscent of- the past, which is something I am certainly going to write a post about in the very near future, probably plays the main role in this.

So this time, we're experimenting a bit with the overall image and the coexistence of the photography with linear elements. I'm not sure where I'll eventually go with this, but I am definitely enjoying the ride.


Anna Koumoushi Fall 2010

I finally managed to upload the Anna Koumoushi - Fall 2010 project on my website.

AK is launching her website soon. For now, all the annakoumoushi available lines can be viewed on her official facebook page.

The full project is here.


Creative Weekend

The previously mentioned annakoumoushi project was realized this weekend! Did some location hunting, to find the wall I wanted plus a quiet beach, and we went along and did the photoshoot today! I just love creative weekends!

I will upload the full project on my website as soon as it's completely finished. 


AnnaKoumoushi - Handmade Earrings & Bits

A new collaborative project with Anna Koumoushi (has been drafted and) is coming up in the next few weeks.

I mentioned Anna Koumoushi in a couple of posts before, and some of her pieces were used in one of my projects. You can see her amazing work on her facebook fan page.


Parking Lot - New Project

It seems that I got to be creative over the Christmas holidays... Click on the image above to go to the full project. Again, thanks to Christina, Nineta and Andria.

Plus: The embroidery/pearl earrings above (left) and the chain/embroidery necklace (right) are Anna Koumoushi originals.