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NYC 2012

The last time I was in New York, or any place in the States for that matter, was almost seven years ago, so my memories of going through the immigration process were a bit distorted...

Unlike the above, my memories of New York being gloriously busy and inspiring were spot on.

I'm not going to post a journal post here, I'm far from being able to externalize the decisions I took and the clarifications that took place in my head from this trip; but I will say that it was a much needed reboot, which is still in the process and which made many things clear(er).

I always liked telling stories with pictures, so here you go: a mini slideshow.



Swimming Over New York

So, deep swimming pools (if not all swimming pools) freak me out. Heights freak me out even more. So you would never see me anywhere near this swimming pool, even if I know that the floor of the pool is actually just an aerial photo of New York.

This swimming pool located in Mumbai, India and is part of HSBC's £50 million "green" project. HSBC is the first carbon neutral bank. 

This was a concept by Ogilvy & Mather and it has created such a buzz that HSBC is considering creating more pools around the world.


The 9/11 Museum

I was doing my daily online reading and was specifically gorging on some huge amounts of awesome stuff over at Fast Company's Design Blog, when I bumped on an amazingly put-together first look of The 9/11 Museum.

"In 100 years, there won't be anyone alive that experienced 9/11," says Steven Davis, whose architecture firm, Davis Brody Bond Aedas, is designing the 9/11 Museum. "What will you tell them? And how will you tell them, to make them understand what happened?"

The 9/11 Museum is expected to open on September 11, 2012 and works at ground zero, along with the released mock-up designs have started to give the shape, form, concept and feel of the museum away, which looks very... appropriate, if I may say.

Need to start planning another visit to NY for Fall 2012. 

(via fastcodesign)