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Chicago 2012

Part of a Chicago-based mini-project.

And yes, about two weeks after my return from the states and I am yet to put together a Chicago post.

So here it goes. I could be writing for days about everything I have accumulated over this trip, all the decision-making and "a-ha!" moments I've had, but most importantly the new feeling of restlessness I'm left with after my return. I'll stick to just saying that changes are on the way. (on this blog too, by the way)

Now, as far as Chicago is concerned: "It was great being back." doesn't quite cover it. I had the chance to take in a lot (perhaps more than I anticipated in just a one-week stay), I spent some quality time with people I had missed for far too long and had the time to really plan, plot and reassess. One thing's for certain: I won't wait another seven years to go back.




Next blogposts will be brought to you from New York and Chicago.

Back in Cyprus on the 26th.


J.Cheikh S/S 2012 Preview Video

In research for ideas and inspiration on how to make a collection/preview video -among other things- I found this gem here: Chicago-based menswear line J.Cheikh teamed with Mike Ruiz for their new collection and released an eye-catching, really impressive preview video for their Spring/Summer 2012 line.

I was blown away by the awesome graphics in the video -and the video in general. Then, I was blown away to find that the director Ryan Fukuda, the editor and graphic designer Alex Deaton and the cinematographer Paul Kane are all (fellow) Columbia College Chicago alumni!

*Insert overflow of college pride (and a healthy dose of nostalgia) here.*